Gateway Automation


Middot Automated gates provide added security to your property, Automatic gates are used to control access into a secured area .while bringing in convenience and a sense of style. With automated gate systems becoming more and more advanced and robust, you can feel safe in the knowledge that your property is being protected. There are so many different designs available; finding one to suit your property's size, layout and style should be no problem at all.

Types of Automatic Gates

1. Sliding Automated Gates
2. Swing Automated gates
3. Roller shutters Automated
4. Foldable sliding Automated gates
5. Foldable swinging Automated gates
6. Telescopic Automated gates

• Enhancing your property with an automated system will increase its value
• if you're tired of manually having to find your key, step out of your car to open your gate, then get back into your car to drive through, before having to park, walk back to the gate and lock again electric gate can be seen as very convenient and time saving

Benefits of Middot Automated Gates

1. Child Safety
2. Convenience
3. Entrance Control
4. Security
5. Increased Property Value
6. Pet Safety
7. Versatility
8. Minimal Maintenance
9. Easy Automatic Operation